20130715-214046.jpgWhen we first started looking for a doula it was because we had to have one in order to labor at our Midwifery center. I was not excited about this. But the more I thought about my first labor the more I was excited about having a support person there for both myself and my husband. My poor hubby was somewhat traumatized by our first son’s labor and birth in which I had been induced with pitocin. This time around I was determined to have a different birth experience and I did! I was able to deliever at the midwifery center, without any drugs and with just 2 hours of active labor! Liz was there the whole time to remind me to keep my voice low and relax my shoulders or whatever it was I was tensing up. Her example was also helpful for my husband who took his cues from her on the best way to help me through a contraction. Liz was great about asking for updates through out the pregnancy and encouraging when it seemed like I was heading towards another induction (I went into labor at 41 weeks). If you are looking for a wonderful caring doula, Liz is it! She is loving and determined to help you have the birth that you want, natural or medicated. If we are still in the area for our next child we will definitely be calling Liz again, regardless of whether it’s required or not! – Johnathan and Sarah

A Father’s perspective: When my wife and I met Liz, we noticed that she was very knowledgeable, yet approachable and calming. After hearing her heart for the natural birth process, we hired her as our doula. As the due date neared and passed, my wife and Liz kept close contact. Liz’s commitment to the care of my wife was apparent during this time. When my wife’s labor began, I called Liz. She eagerly responded and came to our house. I could proceed with an account of what Liz did that evening. However, I think it is more useful to highlight how she did what she did. So, if someone were to ask me what stuck out in my mind about Liz, I would state the following: During a very challenging and trying labor at the hospital, Liz was tenacious and calming. My wife labored to the point of exhaustion without an epidural. During that time, Liz never left my wife’s side. She massaged her back, rubbed her feet, held her hands, and delivered unwavering support. When I needed a break, Liz stayed in the game. What is so surprising, though, is how Liz accomplished all of this without jeopardizing the calming environment that we desired. How could someone so tenacious and intense also be so calming and caring? As it turns out, my wife had to have an emergency C-section. She would have never made as much progress as she did without Liz. Despite our intentions to have a natural birth, Liz never showed any sign of disappointment. She affirmed the important decisions that we had to make. In fact, she had so much love for our little baby that she came back the next day to visit in the hospital. I can say without reservation that I was impressed by the mental, emotional, and physical strength displayed by Liz that evening and early morning. My wife and I have fervently thanked God for the gracious blessing that He bestowed upon us through Liz. I can’t imagine going through this process for the first time without a doula, specifically Liz Griffin- Greg and Laurie

Liz was an outstanding doula. She was always reliable and easy to get in touch with. As soon as I contacted her, she was ready to come to my help immediately. She was a wealth of information, which I was extremely appreciative of as a first time mom. When she came to see me during early labor, things began to slow down a little bit, but Liz gladly stayed with me and encouraged me. I felt bad for making her come all the way out to my house when it felt like things might be calming down, but Liz didn’t mind at all. She went home after a few hours after helping me alleviate a constant sharp pain I had been having in my side. I labored at home for a bit, but as soon as things picked back up, Liz was on her way. She was a great source of support as I entered active labor and transition in my home, and she helped me progress to 9 cm dilation by the time I made it to the hospital. During delivery, Liz never left my side and guided me through pushing my son into the world. She helped me achieve my goal of having a natural birth. I would recommend Liz to anyone looking for an amazing doula! – Daniel and Nicole

imageLiz Griffin has had an amazing impact on my life. There is definitely no doubt in my mind that she was God’s little gift to me to help me deliver Owen into the world with as little medical intervention as possible. I needed no IV fluids, no epidural, most importantly no tear. I was able to move around freely for most of the time all the while still in the walls of a hospital. I have had two pregnancies and even though I managed to go through my first delivery without an epidural I still had a 2nd degree tear because he was born in the wrong position, I know that with Liz there getting me into the right positions and getting me ready about 3 weeks prior to the delivery that it would have been a different outcome had she not been there. Her voice is so soothing and I have never met anyone who is as compassionate and caring as she is. We have developed into very close friends and I feel so blessed because of it. If you are in need of a doula, look no further. Liz will go above and beyond her doula duties. God Bless. – Dane and Jessica

Liz is a fantastic doula and has such a calming personality about her! Mysarah husband and I were expecting our first child and hadn’t really thought about hiring a doula until it was suggested by our sister-in-law. We found Liz through her, and immediately liked what we heard about the type of services she provided. She was so very friendly and professional, and wanted to help us achieve the type of birth we wanted. Throughout my pregnancy Liz would ask for updates from my doctor’s appointments and would make suggestions of how to help encourage labor to come naturally. She is very knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and labor, and was always ready to answer any questions I had. She would also let me ask her any questions I had during any time of the day or night, which was wonderful because being a new mommy I had lots of questions! During labor she was ready to go when we told her labor had started. She immediately came out to our house, and had me try different techniques to help ease the pain as contractions occurred. She continued doing this even as we got to the hospital, which was a great help! It was such a great help and comfort having Liz with us, especially since we were brand new to the whole experience! At the end of everything Liz typed up a Birth Story addressed to our new little addition. Liz was able to catch every little detail that happened, what was said, and how the events played out. This was so thoughtful and will be such a neat experience to share with our daughter one day! Liz is a great doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula! – Wills and Sarah